Search through the journal using consult

Giornata doesn't provide a search mechanism by default, we leave that choice to the user. consult-grep from the consult package is a good first choice, just provide giornata-directory as a parameter and wrap the call in an interactive function.

I personally have a slightly more advanced use case in that my giornata-directory not only holds my journal but a bunch of miscellaneous files that consult-grep will annoyingly look through. I also don't like the default prompt that consult-grep displays, so consult--grep provides me with a bit more control. If you're in the same boat, you may find the following function to be helpful.

(defun my/giornata-consult ()
  "Search `giornata-directory' with `grep' via `consult' package."
  ;; you may need to (require 'giornata)
  (let ((targets (directory-files giornata-directory t giornata--directory-regexp)))
    (consult--grep "Search" #'consult--grep-make-builder targets nil)))